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Warning: Killer on the Road

killer on the roadHer face is blank, almost babyish in its featurelessness; in her eyes there is no tomorrow. Like thousands of other young rural women, she moves from hand to hand in the dangerous intersection between two industries: sex work and road freight-trucking.


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Gentlemen of the Press

olivesAlthough South Africans win gold the world over for their extra virgin olive oil, back at the ranch it's a different story. The oil might be extra virgin, but the industrial farmers and artisanal types who chase after it can be in for a rude – and rough – deflowering.


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Coming to Terms

dartsSports agents Mike Makaab and Craig Livingstone represent the cream of the nation's athletes, who command jaw-dropping fees from clubs and sponsors. Our author rolls up his sleeves, takes aim for glory, and auditions for the A-list.


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Nothing Clean-Cut about Zim's Murky Rough

Marange diamondsZimbabwe’s Marange fields have been called ‘the biggest find of alluvial diamonds in history’. But they are also the hottest flashpoint on the world diamond-map today, putting into a crisis a global system for telling the good stones apart from the bloody.


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A Bullet Called Gonzo (1937-2005)

Hunter S Thompson'When I finish,' Hunter S. Thompson wrote in 1979, 'the only fitting exit will be right straight off this ... terrace and into the Fountain, 28 storeys below.' Crazy talk, but his preface to The Great Shark Hunt prophesied his suicide 26 years later.


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