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Running into Heat

Ross TuckerOscar Pistorius, Caster Semenya, doping … name a crisis in sports and the good doctor Tucker has been there to step up and speak his mind. Hailed as the new Tim Noakes and unafraid of taking flack, he's the rising public intellectual of the sports world.


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Hitting Full Contact

rickon gracieIts critics slate it as crude barabarism. Its defenders call it progressive innovation. Name of the game? Reality-based, freestyle full contact fighting. Our fancy-pants author gets nicotined-up and ready to rumble with South Africa’s new martial artists.


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Eye in the Sky

HexacopterWhat strange bird is this thing, the hexacopter? It's a drone you can own, marking a new stage in the consumerisation of military technology. Apart from its industrial uses, it has phallic-symbol appeal, retooling the middle-aged hobbyist dad into James Bond.


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