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Your Perfect Yield

Lesotho Promise diamondFinding one diamond big enough to rank in the world’s Top Twenty is sweet; finding two in a single lifetime is beyond belief. But something is uncanny when the finds come from the same pit almost back to back: the Lesotho Promise and Letseng Lecacy.


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Top Gun for a Day

strikemasterThere it waits in a fury of impatience, the Strikemaster: midnight black, all glossy steel skin, and straining to stay tethered to the ground. Being invited to fly in an RAF jet with a top speed of 834 kph is the pinnacle of the journalistic free lunch.


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Dr Eve, Adamantly Sexual

dr eve sex therapistAt parties women hold their men closer when they see her approach; men either shy off or go huge to impress her. But in her consulting room, couples air their most intimate secrets with her. She is Dr Eve, South Africa’s leading sex therapist.


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Mixing It Up

mixing it upWhite-boy Chris, coloured-dude Adam: their pub-toilet episode is a parable about post-apartheid male bonding. As the lads get acquainted outside the office, they violate Verwoerdian ideas of racial purity – and liberal ones about polite colour-blindness.


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The Class War Carnival

class war carnival intro‘So, what have you done with your life?’ It’s the essential question at high school reunions, and opens a Pandora’s Box of insecurities and rivalries. This class test is a class war between the haves and have-nots where material success alone is prized.


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Bartenders and Barbarians

BartenderImagine yourself a few grand shy of the sum required to settle your tab and being conscripted behind the bar to discharge your debt. What was once oasis becomes bear-pit: your back to the fridge, you're an open target in an asylum.


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The Shadow Knows

shadow knowsGordon was an outlaw on the run from justice, marriage and a steady job. Yet he is Everyman at heart, and every man has a friend who’s like him: the troublemaker, agent provocateur and shit-stirring demon-seed who bedevils plans for a better, cleaner life.


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Talking Garbage on the Trail of Trash

trail of trashOn average everyone in the Cape Metropole produces 1kg of waste a day, and today I’m reporting live from the driver’s cabin of a Cape Town City Council rubbish truck as I lift the lid on an age-old question: Where does all that muck go?


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