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Dark Arts of the Silver Screen

Ross GarlandWe're steeped in the lives of actors, and we've thrilled to documentaries about film-making. But with a gun to your head, could you explain what a producer actually does? Ross Garland and Brad Logan, the producers of Spud: The Movie, tell all.


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Ramming It Home

Anton KannemeyerHard on Tintin's heels, and making a beeline for his shorts, is a monstrosity from the core of white angst: an African super-phallus, cock squared and dick cubed. This is Fear of a Black Planet, an exhibition by the Bitterkomix legend, Anton Kannemeyer.


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Cruising the TV Love Machine

dating showsThe women’s dressing-room is as hot as an armpit, and everywhere you look it’s a prom-night orgy of bosoms and thighs. We’re behind the scenes at a TV dating game show where the media machine will churn out lovematches faster than a Wild West bordello.


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Collision Course

collision courseHow do you kill a stuntman? Drop him from his ego to his IQ. This is the gag doing the rounds on set, and it conveys the gist of the stereotype unjustly bedevilling stunt workers: brawny dullards too arrogant to realise they’re expendable camera-fodder.


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In the Country of Last Things

Ashraf Jamal introThe writer Ashraf Jamal has the voice of an angel but speaks of things demonic and desolate. Take his play Severance, for instance. A woman contracts AIDS and her brother has sex with her so he can die with her – but AIDS itself isn’t the real horror.


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Dekaffirnating the Global Ghetto

Pieter Dirk UysPieter Dirk Uys is a legendary satirist, but who are his targets? ‘Me. My main target is me. Who the hell am I to talk about you? But if I show you ten of my fears, you’ll recognise two you share.’ Uys reflects on those terrors, the K-word and N-word.


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Archetypal Architects

revel foxThree legendary South African architects define what shapes their creative vision: Revel Fox speaks about ‘making space’, Stefan Antoni says his name can invite typecasting but still holds secrets, and for Gawie Fagan, the thing is always to carry a knife.


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The Zen Cool of Yobspeak

zen cool of swearingSwear words are fascinating. Just look at the king of the cusses: Fuck is unfuckingbelievable. Fuck will get down to business (‘what the fuck’). Fuck won’t care (‘who gives a fuck?’), and fuck will dare to dream the impossible dream (‘fuck everything’).


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Hollywood in my Head, or Why I Hate FX

hollywood in my headThe Matrix is a satire of the very technology that made the film possible. Isn't there a similarity between the technology it depicts and the special effects industry that brings the story’s pacifying, subjugating virtual reality to life on screen?


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