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The Body on Fire

Body on fire‘It felt like you were on the edge of something and nobody was near you. We were radical, on fire, eating and sleeping religion.’ Cult survivors break their silence about a charismatic church that became severe, all-controlling and sexually predatory.


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Bullet Club

Image courtesy of David SouthwoodIn a society torn apart by crime, the Bullet Club fills a special need and comes with exacting entry requirements. New members must have suffered a near-death experience from gunshot wounds – and be driven by an unslakable love of life. Not to mention booze.


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The Dead Beat

Image courtesy of Kim LubrookThe work of a private mortuary is soothing: it soothes the nerves of the bereaved, it soothes the violence suffered by the deceased. Police mortuaries are the cutting-edge. There the dead wash up still soaking from brutal passions and sudden calamities.


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The Million-Dollar Meat Hook

million-dollar meat hookYour twenties are for dicking about; when the clock strikes 30 you have to make your move in the 9-to-5 world. A way out: this is what Terence wanted when he was drawn into the realm of fraud, 419 stings, pyramid schemes and Black Dollar scams.


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Jackhammer Heartbeat

jackhammer heartbeatOut there a bad moon’s a’rising: a look into three high-pressure occupations – emergency medical services, private security contracting, and off-shore oil-rigging. ‘Asbestos feet, it’s called. You’re always stamping out fires. Stress: that’s part of me.’


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Skirting the Psycho Abyss

psycho killerMicki Pistorius, author and serial-killer profiler, talks about hunting human predators. ‘I have held the mothers of murdered boys in my arms. I’ve been showered by maggots, and I’ve delved into the darkest side of the psyche.’


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V6 Fury of the Road Vulture

Fury of the road vultureTow-truck drivers are commonly thought of as fast-driving, fast-talking opportunists vulturing off the misfortunes of others – but vultures play an important role in any ecosystem, and trade veterans will proudly declare, ‘Breakdowns are in our blood’.


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